IBL PROCUREMENT/LOGISTICS SERVICE is a Nigerian Company with a whole new definition. Its conception was aimed at people who live outside of Lagos and wish to do business with someone in Lagos (a buyer outside of Lagos to a seller in Lagos). Lagos residents who may not have time at their disposal were also considered for the service as well.

Now, one of the founding principles of any business is ‘trust’. Trust at all levels of business should be obtainable in the easiest possible way, but when it comes to online business and most especially from one Nigerian to another, that trust is almost avoidable or let’s say on the low. The cliché is rife; do not trust a Nigerian, and in fact, Nigerians do not trust themselves. This again is made difficult with the absence of credible payment systems like Paypal, payza, moneybookers etc. It is a dead end in some sort of sense. More so, we lack a good GIS (Geographic Information System) or housing system that navigate things with ease and coordinates booking systems over the web. Thus, to send items to numbered addresses online is a problem. This is where IBL PROCUREMENT/LOGISTICS come in. At least, in a little way.

IBL PROCUREMENT/LOGISTICS SERVICE is the flagship of The Inspired By Leo Global Services, a duly registered company with the No- BN2305668. The company was established in the year 2013 but registered on 18th June 2014. As an upstart, it has grown to have affiliate partners and offshoots with interests spanning across other viable fields and providing employment to agile and ambitious Young Nigerian